5 Best Videography Software for Teachers

In the online course environment, teachers are often looking for ways to improve their teaching methods . One of those ways is to find a videography tool that works well with your teaching method to ensure that each student learns at the pace that’s right for them.

Many teachers are frustrated to learn that they have to wait to continue teaching due to some students not understanding the lesson as quickly as others. By effectively using teacher tools, you can continue your lesson while leaving previous instructions with the help of a videography tool so that no one is left behind and your lesson is not interrupted until the laggards are catching up.

The videography tool allows you to make the lesson more exciting for the students to keep their concentration for a longer time. Many people are visual learners, which means you can give them a visual learning method that is fun, engaging, and makes it easier to retain the information that is being taught. There is also a solution for students to download online education videos through Downloader.Social, It’s help students in downloading educational videos.

How to Select a Videography Tool

When looking for tools for teachers, there are certain criteria you will need. You will need a videography tool that is:

  • Easy to use
  • Able to record voiceover
  • Able to annotate
  • Equipped with editing features so you can remove parts that might disengage students’ attention
  • Easy to share. The last thing you want is to interrupt the lesson before you can use your videography tool.

Consider videography taking the most important parts of your lesson so students don’t have to go through the whole lesson, but can have visual notes to refer to.

The Best Videography Tools We’ve Picked

The best tools for teachers aren’t too hard to find, provided you know where to look. To help you get started, here are our curated tools to help you find the videography tool that works best for your needs.

No.1 Screencast-o-matic

This videography tool includes online tutorials so you can quickly learn and teach your students how to use it. Integrating it into your virtual lessons is simple and you can choose which part of your lesson you want to save, or edit the non-important parts later to use as a reference for them to learn later at home. You can try the free version before buying, but if you want to use more tools and have unlimited recording time, the paid version is the best option for you. Plus, you don’t have a watermark, which means if you’re tutoring online, you’re not advertising through any recordings you make.


  • Interface simple, facile d’utilisation
  • Able to record screen and webcam simultaneously
  • The paid version is equipped with tools for drawing and zooming on the screen
  • Editing features are also available in paid version, there is a scripted recording mode to help teachers better synchronize screen recording with audio
  • Easy save videos, share videos online or on their hosting site
  • The paid version is profitable ($15 per year


  • The free version limits the length of videos and includes a watermark
  • Editing tools are basic

No.2 Filmora Video Editor

When using a videography tool, you will need to consider how your students interact best. This tool has quite powerful editing features.

The ability to zoom in or pan out means you can highlight important parts of the tutorial that students will need rather than cluttering them with a full page that can take longer to learn.

By being able to section the page, students know exactly where to focus their attention and, since you have no recording time limit, longer presentations will contain all the essential bits of information should students need to. make summaries later.

You can upload tutorials using YouTube Teacher Tools with just one click. This allows students to interact using a service they’ve probably used before.


  • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface
  • Voice-over, webcam and PC screen recording
  • Many templates of animated elements for annotations and even collections of effects specially designed for instructional/educational video
  • Powerful editing functions for educational videos, such as pan-zoom, sequence-by-sequence preview, etc. This saves time when editing
  • Good quality result, share on Youtube in one click. Save your video in different formats
  • No screen recording time limit, totally free recording function


  • Editing tools embed watermark for free version
  • Recorded files are provided in MP4 format only
  • Unable to register mobile devices


No.3 Camtasia

Although expensive, the Camtasia videography tool gives you much more flexibility to create videos, long or short, add overlays and create engaging videos with the many teacher tools. Everything from music to intros and more has been included in order to grab the attention of the students. You can try it for free, but the functions are very limited. For $199 per license, you can be assured of having the best tools for teachers, with the guarantee of regular updates.


  • Interface simple
  • Powerful editing, annotation and interaction features (even including the ability to add a quiz)
  • Video and audio capability including MP4, WMV, MOV and AVI
  • Timeline multipiste
  • Upload directly to Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook and Screencast
  • Add special effects including text, images or icons
  • 64-bit performance for faster rendering
  • Choose animated backgrounds
  • Add overlays
  • Add a personal touch with a webcam overlay
  • Add intros to break up each section for easier recognition


  • Expensive, $199 per license, and you have to pay to upgrade

No.4 Snagit

Although it is a very versatile tool, it is not the best for those who are not tech savvy due to the many things to learn about it. You can use the basic functions for free to see if you like the software or not. before buying it for just $50. You don’t have to pay over and over again when the license expires, making it ideal for anyone looking to save money, while still having a great videography tool.


  • Only $50
  • Works with or without presets
  • Self-timer capture capabilities
  • Auto-scroll to produce a long image
  • Polyvalent
  • Resizing and cropping features
  • Special effects including drop shadow, text addition, captions
  • Available for Windows and Mac
  • Free try
  • Ability to comment


  • Hard to take if you’re not a tech fan

No.5 Jing

Jing is one of the tools for teachers that can help you increase student interaction and allows those who take a little extra time to catch up with the rest of the class to do so without the lesson being interrupted so that they understand.


  • Easy to use
  • Free trial before purchase
  • Only $15 per year
  • Capture voice and audio
  • Resize and share to YouTube for greater versatility
  • Annotated screenshot images


  • Does not allow editing of videography
  • Can only be shared via link or embed
  • The free version only allows 5 minute recordings
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