A Treatise on Systems (volume 1)


Typically, the terms “network and system administration” simply relate to the conventional techniques and procedures for maintaining the optimal operation of computers and networks. However, this perspective ignores the most crucial component of the system—people. Complexity management is the ability required to grasp and control systems made up of both humans and machines. Mark Burgess explains the scientific underpinnings for modelling resources, efficiency, and security of human-machine systems in this book, which was first produced in 2002 and has since been updated. The lessons acquired from this volume influenced the creation of Promise Theory, which is discussed in volume 2. Promise Theory is a significant advancement in the multiscale approach to functional system description that embodies both dynamics and semantics.

This book provides useful tools for engineers at the top of their profession and acts as a guide for graduate students and researchers in the creation of a new science of systems. Despite addressing numerous complex themes, the book is written in the style of a lecture.

This open book has an Open Publication License attached to it (OPL). A Treatise on Systems, Volume 1 is available as a free PDF ebook download (2.6 MB).


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