A Treatise on Systems (volume 2)

A Treatise on Systems (volume 2)

A Treatise on Systems (volume 2) Description

This second volume discusses the systematic application of promise theory to systems, which is a significant advancement in the description of dynamic and semantic functional systems. Promise Theory offers the first objective vocabulary for multiscale system phenomena by combining quantitative and qualitative descriptions in a unified framework. The more a system component’s qualitative semantics dominate its behaviour, the closer one gets to the intrinsic scale of that component. Dynamical patterns take over the typical behaviours as one expands out to big numbers. This book, which serves as a guide for graduate students and researchers in the development of a new science of systems, contains a remarkable amount of examples and lessons gathered over ten years of work in the area, all brought together by a single theoretical Promise Theoretic model.

This open book has an Open Publication License attached to it (OPL). A Treatise on Systems (volume 2) is available as a free PDF ebook download (4.4 MB).


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