Agile Project Management For Dummies, 3rd Edition

Book Name: Agile Project Management For Dummies, 3rd Edition
Author: Dean J. Kynaston, Mark C. Layton, Steven J. Ostermiller
ISBN-10: 978-1119676997
Year: 2020
Pages: 496
Language: English
File size: 26 MB
File format: PDF, ePub

Book Description:

Learn how to apply agile concepts to your projects. This fully updated publication covers changes to agile approaches and new information associated with the ways of handling an agile project.

Agile Project Management For Dummies, 3rd Edition gives product developers and other project leaders the tools they need for a successful job. This publication’s principles and techniques will lead you in making a product roadmap, self-correcting iterations of all deployable products, and preparing for a product launch. Agile approaches are crucial for achieving fast and flexible product development. Additionally, it is a helpful tool for handling a range of business endeavors.

  • Users will gain the knowledge to enhance various regions of project administration.
  • Define your product’s vision and features
  • Learn the steps for putting agile techniques into action
  • Manage the project’s extent and procurement
  • Strategy your team’s sprints and releases
  • Simplify reporting associated with the project


Who is for book:

Agile Project Management For Dummies can help you to better handle the range of your job in addition to its time demands and prices. You’ll also be ready to skillfully handle team dynamics, quality challenges, and risks.

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