Angular 2 Cookbook

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Angular 2 offers a completely new way to create applications. It fully embraces the latest concepts in the next generation browsers and cuts out all the fat from Angular 1. This book will take you straight to the core of the most important Angular 2 concepts. It covers all aspects of Angular 2, such as components, forms and services. Additionally, it demonstrates how the framework embraces a variety of new technologies like ES6 syntax and TypeScript syntax.

This book covers the most complex Angular concepts, and also outlines the best practices for using these powerful tools. This book also covers all the concepts that you will need to build faster applications. The book also covers important topics like testing and performance optimization, which are often overlooked. Developers who read the entire book will be able to have a deep and broad understanding of the major topics within Angular 2.

What you will learn

  • Learn how to move an Angular 1 app to Angular 2.
  • A solid foundational understanding of the core components of Angular 2 is essential, such as forms, components, and services
  • Learn how to handle complex topics like Promises and Observables
  • Use advanced topics like dependency injection to properly implement your applications
  • Learn how to optimize the performance of Angular 2 apps
  • Learn how to convert an Angular 2 app from TypeScript to a fully functional application for your site.
  • Learn the best ways to organize and test large Angular 2 applications


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