Angular 2 Development with TypeScript

Angular 2 Development with TypeScript

TypeScript and Angular 2 Development This course teaches you how to use Angular while also teaching you TypeScript and how you can take advantage of its many benefits.

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Information about the Technology

Angular 2 is a web framework that allows you to create web clients and full-featured SPAs. The Angular 2 web framework’s declarative style makes adding features easy without having to write a lot of boilerplate. Additionally, the TypeScript language integrates with JavaScript and gives you all the benefits of a statically-typed language. Angular 2 or TypeScript can make you a highly sought-after commodity.

About The Book

Angular 2 Developer with Typescript Introduces Angular 2 to make web developers more comfortable using AngularJS v1 and other web frameworks. We’ll begin by showing you how Angular 2 functions in an online auction. You’ll also learn how to use TypeScript to create type-aware interfaces and classes. This book covers practical issues such as data and views, user interaction using forms and communicating with servers. It also covers testing and deploying Angular 2 applications.

What’s Inside Angular 2 Development With TypeScript?

  • Modular applications can be designed and built
  • Transpile TypeScript into JavaScript today
  • Modern JavaScript workflow tools such as npm and Karma are available.

About The Reader

This book is intended for intermediate web developers who have a working knowledge JavaScript. You don’t need to have any TypeScript or AngularJS knowledge.

About The Author

Yakov FainAnton Moiseev are both web application developers. Yakov has published several books about software development.


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