Azure Machine Learning – Microsoft Azure Essentials

Azure Machine Learning

Azure Machine Learning – Microsoft Azure Essentials Description

This third ebook in the series introduces Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, a service that allows developers to build predictive analytics models (using training datasets from a range of data sources) and then simply deploy those models as cloud web services. The ebook provides an overview of modern data science theory and ideas, as well as the accompanying process, before delving into some of the more popular machine learning methods in use today. It uses real-world data to develop a variety of predictive analytics models, analyses various machine learning algorithms and modelling methodologies, and then deploys the resulting models as machine learning web services on Azure in a matter of minutes. The ebook also expands on a functioning Azure Machine Learning predictive model example to look at the many sorts of client and server apps that can be built to use Azure Machine Learning web services.

This free book is distributed under the terms of the Open Publication License (OPL). You may get the Azure Machine Learning booklet in PDF format for free (8.0 MB).


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