Beginning Oracle SQL for Oracle Database 18c

Beginning Oracle SQL for Oracle Database 18c

  • Author: Ben Brumm
  • ISBN: 148424429X
  • Year: 2019
  • Pages: 431
  • Language: English
  • File size: 9.1 MB
  • File format: PDF, ePub
  • Category: Oracle

Book Description:

Start growing with Oracle SQL. This book is a one-stop introduction to what you need to know about getting started developing an Oracle Database. You’ll learn about basic theories, preparing a very simple schema, adding data, reading data in the database, and creating adjustments. No experience with databases is required to get started. Examples in the book are built around Oracle Live SQL, a freely available, online sandbox for experimenting and practising with SQL statements, and Oracle Express Edition, a free version of Oracle Database which is available for download.

A marquee feature of Starting Oracle SQL for Oracle Database 18c is your Little chapter dimension. Content is split into easily digestible chunks that can be read and practised in very short intervals of time, making this the ideal book for a busy professional to learn from. Even only a 15-20 minute block of free time can be put to good use.

From there, easily digestible chapters cover, point-by-point, the various aspects of writing queries to get data from a database. You’ll also learn about producing tables and receiving data to the database. Crucial topics such as working with nulls and writing analytic queries are given the attention they deserve, helping you to avoid pitfalls when writing queries for production usage.


What You’ll Learn

  • Create, update, and delete tables in an Oracle database
  • Insert, update, delete information from these database tables
  • Query and view data stored in your database
  • Manipulate and change data using in-built database functions and attributes
  • Accurately choose when to use Oracle-specific syntax and features

Who This Book Is For

Individuals were new to Oracle who are planning to develop software using Oracle since the backend data store. The book is also for those that are getting started in applications development and realize they need to learn some kind of database terminology. People that are learning applications development on both sides of their normal occupation, or learning it as a college student, that are prepared to learn what a database is and how to utilize it will also find this book helpful.

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