Beginning SVG

Create SVG functionality that can be used in websites swiftly and easily by using the most simple tools like HTML as well as CSS. The book provides a practical guide to making and manipulating vector graphics that can be scaled within the browser of websites or web-based applications using the text editor, or any free software, as well as the capabilities of JavaScript.

You’ll learn a basic toolset to integrate into your current workflow, design new projects and decrease the need for graphics software for small projects. This book is a fantastic guide to learn about making and editing SVG content.

We live in a time in which speed and ease are essential. Beginning SVG offers a fantastic alternative to web-based applications that challenge the standard and inspires you to explore your options and not use the same tools that “everyone else uses” (such as Illustrator). There is an alternative method to get the same effect. Don’t think you have to use graphics programs There is always a different alternative!

What You’ll Learn

  • Create high-quality, optimized content that is quickly and easily modified in the browser
  • You can get up to speed with SVG quick, with minimum effort, and get the most out of it.
  • Find out how easy it is to use SVG effects and content without the need to use a multitude of other tools.

Who This Book Is For

Web developers and agile teams of development eager to learn how to manipulate and add SVG quickly.


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