Build Your Own Ajax Web Applications

  • Publisher : SitePoint; 1st edition (24 June 2006)
  • Language : English
  • Paperback : 352 pages
  • Category: Ajax


Book Description:

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a new strategy for developing web applications. It essentially enables users to interact using a Webpage without forcing a dull & slow reload of the whole page after every action. This means web software become more responsive, easier to use, and much more intuitive. Build Your Own Ajax Web Applications utilizes a step-by-step tutorial format that’s really easy to follow, you’ll have the ability to build intuitive and innovative Ajax web interfaces in no time!

Read this book, and you’ll:

  • Get an overview of the basic technologies you’ll have to utilize to build Ajax applications.
  • Understand the XMLHttpRequest object, the heart of Ajax applications.
  • Build a cross-browser XMLHttpRequest wrapper that you can use in all your Ajax endeavors.
  • Construct an Ajax application monitor that operates in real time.
  • Learn how to use Ajax without breaking old browsers or causing access issues.
  • Obtain your Ajax application working with screen readers.
  • Use lively animations to increase usability.
  • Build edit-in-place functionality.
  • Produce an Ajax search program that pulls info from Amazon,, and Google.
  • Repair the”Back button” problem.
  • Construct an Ajax drag’n’ drop chess game. And a whole lot more!
  • Throughout the text, the writer stresses usability, accessibility, and graceful degradation for older, less-capable internet browsers.

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