C++17 Standard Library Quick Reference, 2nd Edition

C++17 Standard Library Quick Reference, 2nd Edition

  • Author: Marc Gregoire, Van Weert Peter
  • ISBN: 1484249224
  • Year: 2019
  • Pages: 293
  • Language: English
  • File size: 7.7 MB
  • File format: PDF, ePub
  • Category: C & C++

Book Description:

It doesn’t clarify the C++ language or syntax, but is available to anybody with basic C++ understanding or programming expertise. The most seasoned C++ developer will find out a thing or two out of it and also find it a helpful memory-aid.

It’s difficult to remember all of the possibilities, particulars, and intricacies of this growing and vast Standard Library. This handy reference manual is so crucial to some C++ programmer. It features a condensed, well-structured overview of essential facets of this C++ Standard Library. No page-long, insistent illustrations or obscure, seldom used features. Rather, all you want to know and watch out for in clinic is summarized in a streamlined, to-the-point fashion, interspersed with practical methods and well-chosen, clarifying examples.

This brand new edition is updated to include all normal Library modifications in C++17, for instance, new language types std::string_view, any, optional, and version; concurrent calculations; the file system library; technical mathematical purposes; and much more.

Everything You’ll Understand

  • Profit the essentials the C++ Standard Library offers
  • Use containers to effectively store and recover your information
  • Inspect and control your data with calculations
  • Notice how lambda expressions allow for tasteful use of calculations
  • Discover exactly what the standard string class supplies and how to utilize it
  • Compose localized software
  • Use document and stream-based I/O
  • Avoid memory leaks with smart pointers
  • Compose efficient and safe multi-threaded code working with the threading libraries

Who This Book Is For

All C++ developers, no matter the competence with the language along with the normal Library. A secondary audience is programmers that are new to C++, but not new to programming, and those that wish to find out more about the C++ Standard Library at a fast, condensed way.

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