Call of Duty in a Nutshell

call of duty

Call of Duty is an essential series in the world of video games. Each year, a new episode of this popular shooter offers to launch alone or online with other players, weapons in hand, in epic and Hollywood clashes.


On March 10, 2020, Activision Group is rolling out a new game mode for Call of Duty. Called Warzone , this game mode is based on traditional Battle Royale mechanics: up to 150 players compete alone or in teams until the last survivors win. Call of Duty’s Warzone mode adopts a free-to-play economic mode (that is, the game can be downloaded for free on consoles and PC, by all players), and is financed by a Battle Pass allowing you to unlock optional cosmetic content more or less quickly.

As a result, Call of Duty: Warzone is very accessible and likely to accommodate a wide audience of gamers of all backgrounds. Rated PEGI 18 as the basic version of Call of Duty, in particular because of its level of realistic violence, Warzone is exclusively reserved for adults. It is therefore necessary to be vigilant and to ensure that the game will not be downloaded by underage players – the game is clearly not intended for them. Call of Duty: Warzone is also playable exclusively online with other players. We will therefore be just as vigilant about the exchanges that the players could have between them in the game, which can sometimes be brutal, inappropriate or inappropriate. More at

Call of Duty in a nutshell


What’s this ?

Born in 2003, the Call of Duty game series has become cult. Since the second opus, published in 2005, the publisher Activision delivers a new episode every year. Fans often abbreviate the name of the game to CoD (pronounced “Code”) or even Call of . Among the notable episodes, there are the Modern Warfare or Black Ops components .

Call of Duty games are FPS (First Person Shooter: the player sees through the eyes of his character) which, depending on the episodes, takes place in the past, in the present or in the future. Depending on the component, the realism is therefore more or less exacerbated, but the series systematically offers credible fights that are generally not very fanciful.

If it is possible to play Call of Duty alone (most episodes offer a story to discover), the title is best known for its online games during which you fight alone or in teams against other players.

The game modes are numerous and vary in part from one episode to another, allowing players to play endlessly by finding other connected players. You can also play here alone or in a team depending on your preferences.

New content is regularly available in order to renew the experience as much as the interest of the players.

The game popularized the Zombies mode, in which the player must, alone or with the help of three connected companions, fend off hordes of undead in gory and horrifying levels.

Call of Duty titles are a real success in the esports scene, whose competitions can be followed throughout the year. A large amount of video content dedicated to the series is available on the Internet.


A game that should be reserved for adults


Because it is a shooting game, the violence is present. The shootings and the kills (or frags )  when an opponent is eliminated – are linked very quickly. In most game modes, the player immediately reappears ( respawn ) and can thus re-enter the fray.

Call of Duty also offers fast-paced confrontations and a very Hollywood setting. It is easy and tempting to multiply the parts as the rhythm of the latter is nervous.

Without being gore, the game remains realistic. The weapons used are very often versions of real weapons.


The multiplayer mode

The game having gained great popularity for several years, it is not uncommon to meet very experienced players online. Even if the artificial intelligence tries to bring together opponents of the same level (this is called matchmaking ), it happens – often – to end up against much stronger players, who can turn the game into a real ordeal. We can thus wipe a crushing defeat and feel humiliated in front of these expert players. It is therefore important to accompany and supervise the most sensitive players.

As is the case with all multiplayer titles, it is best to share your games with people you really know and meet in real life.

Moreover, since the game is multiplayer, it is impossible to pause your game. However, as the matches are often short, it is easy to interrupt a game quickly if necessary.


In-app purchases

The latest versions of the game offer in-app purchases. It is therefore possible to spend money in the game in order to access new outfits or accessories to personalize your characters. Be vigilant about the content you buy; the latter is essentially aesthetic and in no way allows you to gain an advantage over other players during matches.

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