Clean Code in Python, 2nd Edition

Book Name: Clean Code in Python, 2nd Edition
Author: Mariano Anaya
ISBN-10: 1800560215
Year: 2021
Pages: 422
Language: English
File size: 5.3 MB
File format: ePub, MOBI

Book Description:

Boost your Applications engineering practices to Handle inefficiencies, errors, and other perils Which emerge due to bad code

Key Features

Enhance your coding abilities to improve efficiency as well as reflect the new features introduced in Python 3.9
Know-How to apply microservices to your legacy systems by implementing practical techniques
Learn to execute the refactoring Methods and SOLID principles in Python
The Python language is immensely widespread in numerous locations, such as software construction, systems management, and data processing. Experienced professionals in each area face the challenges of disorganization, poor readability, and low testability as a consequence of unstructured code.

With upgraded code and revised content aligned to the newest features of Python 3.9, this second edition of Clean Code from Python will supply you with all the tools that you need to overcome these challenges and manage your projects successfully.

The book starts by describing the basic elements of writing clean code and how it plays a key role in Python programming. You will learn about writing readable and efficient code using the Python standard library and also best practices for software design.

The book delves deeply into object-oriented programming in Python also teaches you how to work with items with descriptors and generators. It will also show you the style fundamentals of software testing and how to resolve problems by implementing application design patterns in your code. In the last chapter, we split a monolithic application into a microservices established one beginning from the code because of the foundation for a solid stage.

By the conclusion of the clean codebook, you will be adept in applying industry-approved coding practices to design clean, sustainable, and readable real-world Python code.

What you will learn

  • Set a successful development environment by Implementing automatic instruments
  • Leverage the magic techniques in Python to write better code, abstracting complexity away and encapsulating details
  • Produce advanced object-oriented designs with unique attributes of Python, like descriptors
  • Eliminate duplicated code by creating powerful abstractions using software engineering principles of object-oriented design
  • Produce Python-specific solutions using decorators and descriptors
  • Refactor code effectively with the Support of unit evaluations
  • Build the foundations for sound structure with a clean code base as its cornerstone

Who this book is for

This book will attract team leads, software engineers, and senior software engineers that want to learn Python programming techniques and also work in their legacy systems to save cost and enhance efficiency. The book assumes that you have a strong understanding of programming.

  • Introduction, Code Formatting, and Tools
  • Pythonic Code
  • General Traits of Good Code
  • The SOLID Principles
  • Using Decorators to Improve Our Code
  • Getting More Out of Our Objects with Descriptors
  • Generators, Iterators, and Asynchronous Programming
  • Unit Testing and Refactoring
  • Common Design Patterns
  • Clean Architecture

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