Coding as a Playground, 2nd Edition

Book Name: Coding as a Playground, 2nd Edition
Author: Marina Umaschi Bers
ISBN-10: 0367900505
Year: 2020
Pages: 242
Language: English
File size: 10 MB
File format: PDF

Coding as a Playground, 2nd Edition Book Description:

Coding as a Playground, 2nd Edition focuses on how young children (aged 7 and under) can engage in computational believing and be taught to become computer programmers, a procedure which can raise their cognitive and social-emotional skills. Discover how coding can participate children as manufacturers –and not only customers –of technologies in a playful way.

You will come away from this revolutionary work with an comprehension of how programming promotes developmentally appropriate experiences such as problem-solving, imagination, cognitive challenges, social interactions, motor skills development, emotional exploration, and making different choices.

Including all-new case studies, vignettes, and jobs, as well as an expanded focus on teaching coding as a new literacy, this second edition makes it possible to learn how to integrate coding into different curricular areas to promote literacy, math, science, engineering, and the arts via a project-based approach and a positive attitude to learning.


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