CompTIA A+ Complete Practice Tests, 2nd Edition

CompTIA A+ Complete Practice Tests, 2nd Edition

  • Author: Jeff T. Parker, Quentin Docter
  • ISBN: 1119516978
  • Year: 2019
  • Pages: 480
  • Language: English
  • File size: 17.2 MB
  • File format: PDF
  • Category: Computer Science


Book Description:

Test your knowledge and know what to expect on A+ exam day

CompTIA A+ Complete Practice Tests, Second Edition enables you to hone your test-taking skills, focus on challenging areas, and be thoroughly prepared to ace the exam and earn your A+ certification. This essential component of your overall study plan presents nine unique practice tests—and two 90-question bonus tests—covering 100% of the objective domains for both the 220-1001 and 220-1002 exams. Comprehensive coverage of every essential exam topic ensures that you will know what to expect on exam day and maximize your chances for success. Over 1200 practice questions on topics including hardware, networking, mobile devices, operating systems and procedures, troubleshooting, and more, lets you assess your performance and gain the confidence you need to pass the exam with flying colors. This second edition has been fully updated to reflect the latest best practices and updated exam objectives you will see on the big day.

A+ certification is a crucial step in your IT career. Many businesses require this accreditation when hiring computer technicians or validating the skills of current employees. This collection of practice tests allows you to:

  • Access the test bank in the Sybex interactive learning environment
  • Understand the subject matter through clear and accurate answers and explanations of exam objectives
  • Evaluate your exam knowledge and concentrate on problem areas
  • Integrate practice tests with other Sybex review and study guides, including the CompTIA A+ Complete Study Guide and the CompTIA A+ Complete Deluxe Study Guide

Practice tests are an effective way to increase comprehension, strengthen retention, and measure overall knowledge. The CompTIA A+ Complete Practice Tests, Second Edition is an indispensable part of any study plan for A+ certification.


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