Creating Good Data

  • Author: Harry J. Foxwell
  • ISBN: 148426102X
  • Year: 2020
  • Pages: 112
  • Language: English
  • File size: 2 MB
  • File format: PDF, ePub
  • Category: Databases

Book Description:

Create good data from the beginning, rather than fixing it after it’s collected. By following the instructions in this book, you will be able to conduct more effective analyses and produce timely presentations of study data.
Information analysts are often presented with datasets for mining and study that are badly designed, resulting in difficulties in interpretation and to delays in generating meaningful results. Much data analytics instruction focuses on how best to wash and change datasets before serious analyses may even be initiated. Inappropriate or confusing representations, unit of measurement choices, coding errors, missing values, outliers, etc., may be prevented by using excellent dataset design and by knowing how data types ascertain the sorts of analyses that can be carried out.

This book discusses the principles and best practices of dataset production and covers basic data types and their associated appropriate statistics and visualizations. A vital focus of the book is why certain data types are chosen for representing concepts and dimensions, compared to the common discussions of how to analyze a specific data type once it’s been chosen.

You may:

  • Be aware of the principles of creating and collecting information
  • Know the basic data types and representations
  • Select data types, anticipating analysis goals
  • Know dataset structures and techniques for assessing and sharing
  • Be directed by examples and use cases (good and bad)
  • Utilize cleaning tools and methods to create great data

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