CSS Framework Alternatives

CSS Framework Alternatives

Learn to utilize light CSS frameworks to create user-friendly websites. This book provides five projects using Skeleton, Miligram, UI Kit, Material Design Lite and Susy.

This clear and concise overview will allow you to understand the idea behind creating interactive websites with these frameworks without difficulty. Each framework is explained through a concrete project in a simple and easy-to-understand way.

The design of websites is now streamlined due to CSS frameworks. Even though Bootstrap and Foundation rule the top of the line for web design, there’s no need for an elaborate framework like those for smaller sites. We’ll give you a glimpse of different front-end frameworks, which contain pre-designed packages with an arrangement of files and files made up of HTML as well as CSS documents (some which include JavaScript functions) which help developers and designers create interactive and engaging websites.

The Things You’ll Be Learning

  • Explore the depths of CSS designs
  • Create interactive and immersive websites using UI Kit, Material Design Life and Susy
  • Create a landing page using Skeleton
  • Create a page of a product for an Secure VPN product that uses Milligram

Who is This Book Is For

Readers with basic understanding about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and skilled web designers who aren’t comfortable with other frameworks that Bootstrap as well as Foundation.



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