Book Name: Cybercrime
Author: Jason Twede, Nancy E. Marion
ISBN-10: 1440857342
Year: 2020
Pages: 485
Language: English
File size: 5.6 MB
File format: PDF, ePub

Cybercrime Book Description:


This important reference work is a comprehensive, up-to-date source for pupils wanting to immerse themselves in the area of cybercrime, or even for those seeking additional knowledge of particular strikes both domestically and globally.

Cybercrime is distinguished by criminal acts which happen in the borderless electronic realm. From fiscal theft, destruction of programs, fraud, corporate espionage, and ransoming of data regarding the personal, like stalking and web-cam spying in addition to cyberterrorism, this work covers the entire array of crimes committed via cyberspace.

This comprehensive encyclopedia covers the very notable attacks while also focusing on the myriad problems that surround cybercrime. It has entries on such subjects as the different kinds of cyberattacks, cybercrime methods, special cybercriminals and cybercrime classes, and cybercrime investigations. While aim in its approach, this book doesn’t shy away from covering these pertinent, controversial topics as Julian Assange and Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections. Additionally, it offers detailed information on each one the most recent developments in this continuously involving discipline.

  • Contains an introductory review article which discusses all aspects of cybercrime–how it is defined, how it evolved, and its Large growth Recently
  • Supplies a Wide Variety of entries concerning cybercrime and the numerous ways it may be dedicated
  • Explores the biggest, most costly cyber attacks on Many Different victims, such as corporations, governments, customers, and people
  • Offers up-to-date Info about the ever-evolving Area of cybercrime

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