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Open Workbook of Cryptology
Open Workbook of Cryptology
Open Workbook of Cryptology - A project-based introduction to crypto in Python Description Cryptology is a skill that everyone requires.
A Treatise on Systems (volume 1)
A Treatise on Systems (volume 1)
Description Typically, the terms "network and system administration" simply relate to the conventional techniques and procedures for maintaining the optimal
Why outsource your information system to a local datacenter?
Why outsource your information system to a local datacenter?
The issue of IT outsourcing has become major for a lot of companies, post Covid-19. Although there is no standardized procedure
Book Name: asyncio Recipes Author: Mohamed Mustapha Tahrioui ISBN-10: 1484244001 Year: 2019 Pages: 315 Language: English File size: 3.3 MB File
Book Name: AWS for Developers for Dummies Author: John Paul Mueller ISBN-10: 8126570857 Year: 2017 Pages: 498 Language: English File size:
Book Name: Practical Git Author: Johan Abildskov ISBN-10: 1484262697 Year: 2020 Pages: 181 Language: English File size: 7.5 MB File format:
Book Name: Modern Web Performance Optimization Author: Shailesh Kumar Shivakumar ISBN-10: 1484265270 Year: 2020 Pages: 461 Language: English File size: 35
Book Name: Mastering Blockchain Author: Daniel Cawrey, Lorne Lantz ISBN-10: 1492054704 Year: 2020 Pages: 284 Language: English File size: 12.7 MB File
Book Name: Introducing MLOps Author: Mark Treveil, The Dotaiku Team ISBN-10: 1492083291 Year: 2020 Pages: 150 Language: English File size: 4.5
Publisher : Pearson; 1st edition (21 February 2008) Language : English Paperback : 1032 pages Category: Ajax Book Description: The practicing programmer's DEITEL®


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