How Can Motion Sensors Make Your Home Practical

Motion sensors are one of the key aspects of home security systems because they can detect suspicious activity based on unwanted movements in the house. A motion sensor uses one or more technologies to detect if there is a movement that should not be in the house. As soon as suspicious movement is detected, it signals the main control center and the monitoring center. This will notify you if there is a security threat to your home. They not only function for outsiders but they also have many functions inside the house too which have made the lives of many people convenient and comfortable.

The function of a motion sensor

The main task of the motion sensor is to detect intruders, send appropriate alerts and take action. Therefore, if you are away from your home and cannot monitor the security of your home, the sensor will act to relay the information to the main panel. You can connect them to an alarm or camera to take appropriate action. For security reasons, you can place the motion sensor near windows and doors.

How can you use a motion sensor?

This device can be used for a variety of functions.

Connect to the doorbell

The motion detectors can also be installed near the front door and can play a major role if they are connected to the doorbell. Select an area of ​​the motion sensor and the doorbell will ring automatically as soon as the visitor approaches the door within that area.

Ensures kids do not enter past curfew

If you have teenagers and children and you do not know if they will go home before the curfew, the motion sensor can warn you if this happens. It is very difficult for working parents to manage their work and keep their children disciplined. If you’re struggling with it, a motion sensor may be the right choice for you.

Connect it with the hallway lights

You can also connect the light and fan to the motion sensor. If no room movement is detected, the lights and fans will turn off automatically, which saves a lot of energy. This will lower your electricity bill.

Keep your pets safe

When you have pets around your house, there are certain areas where you don’t want your pets to enter. Pets are a big responsibility, and the health of your pet is just as important as any other family member’s health. Motion sensors help you take care of them without being alert at all times.

Keep your toddlers safe

If you have young children who keep you worried by entering unsafe places in your home, such as kitchens, basements, medicine racks, you can install motion sensors in those places to notify them that they are in these places.

Types of motion sensors

The technology has developed into several different types of motion sensors. Read on to find out more.

Passive Infrared Sensor

As the name implies, the passive infrared sensor detects infrared. Since humans emit infrared rays through body temperature, these motion sensors detect temperature fluctuations. This is the most popular type of motion sensor that people use at home for security reasons. All possible threats are detected and notified as soon as possible so that you can appropriate action if required.

Another feature of these sensors is the creation of a passive grid in the environment. As soon as it detects the movement of an object that is blocking many grid zones, the intensity of the infrared energy changes and the motion sensor triggers an alarm.


The microwave pulses emitted by these sensors can detect reflections from moving objects. The great benefit of these motion sensors which is not there in infrared motion sensors is that they cover a large area. The disadvantage is that they are very sensitive to electrical interference and are generally more expensive.

Surface Reflection Sensors

The technology behind these sensors allows LEDs to emit infrared light and detect reflections from moving objects. As soon as a person enters a particular area, a motion sensor detects it and notifies the homeowner.

Dual Technology Motion Sensor

The above motion sensors uses only one method, but the dual technology motion sensor works with a combination of several detection methods. This helps lessen the number of false alarms. Dual technology sensors can be combined with passive infrared sensors and microwave sensors. The spectrum in which these sensors work varies from passive to active. Many sensors can give false alarms, but dual technology sensors minimize the number of false alarms. This is because you need to trigger two sensors for the alarm to ring and warn you.

Pet Immune Sensor

If you have pets around your house, many motion sensors are lightweight so you can ignore them. However, the pet’s immune sensor solves the problem by triggering the sensor when it detects an animal.

Contact sensors

These sensors use magnets to detect movement from doors and windows. When the door or window opens, the sensor and the corresponding magnet separate. This triggers a signal and triggers an alarm in the security system.

Ultrasonic Sensors

These use the principle of ultrasonic waves to measure reflections from moving objects. Some special motion sensors.

Final Thoughts

The motion sensor is a very useful device to keep your home security system up to date and functional. As technology has evolved rapidly over the years, many features have been incorporated into many new motion sensors. Before going to the market and buying, it is recommended to research the function and price of the motion sensor based on your needs.

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