How to develop an App in 2022?

How to develop an App in 2022

If you’re interested in the making of apps, but aren’t sure where to begin here’s the article for you!

In this article, I’ll provide you with an extensive step-by-step guide from concept to completion. To make it easier for you for you, feel free to bounce around depending on your objectives:

  • Find inspiration for a fantastic app idea
  • How can you ensure that your app’s concept is a smart one
  • How do you develop your app concept
  • Methods to develop/implement your app concept
  • Advice and tips to help you get your app noticed on the App Store

If that sounds appealing to you, then let’s start!

If you have already got an idea for an app and you’re ready. Move on onto the next stage!

But if you’re still trying to come up with a fantastic idea for an app I’ve got some excellent strategies to assist you in coming with your next smash idea for an app.

It is important to remember that it’s rare to find an idea completely original that comes from scratch.

There are more than 4 million apps available on the Google Play and Apple App Store together, as per

Many ideas are variations and combination of existing ideas. If you have this in mind, it allows your mind to think more imaginatively. Additionally, several App Selskaper offers this service. Now, let’s look at the first method:

Technique #1: The Remix Technique

One method to create a unique application idea is to create a new twist on an existing concept or combine elements of different apps you enjoy.

It happens every day and results in amazing outcomes!

For instance, Words with Friends, an extremely popular mobile game by Zynga is like Scrabble but with online multiplayer and social features that make it simple to play for hours with a limited amount of time.

This is evident more than when you look at the number of dating apps available. Every month , there seems to be a new dating app with a different target audience or has a variety of functions (usually not brand new) which aren’t available in “other” dating apps.

Here’s how you can accomplish it yourself:

Consider the apps you regularly use. Do you know if you could combine the most valuable features and combine them to create a completely new kind of application?

Are your ideas for an app flowing? Go on to the next step!

Technique #2 Method #2: Scratch your own skin

I am a fan of this technique since it is often the most basic ideas can yield the best outcomes. The most simple ideas are rarely born out of a discussion about apps ideas.

They’re actually a result of an issue you’ve faced you in your daily everyday life. It’s likely that if you’re struggling with this issue and you’re looking for an answer there are others who do as well.

If the problem is resolved with an app, then that’s an excellent reason to make one!

Make a note of any of these suggestions even if already have an app to help solve this problem, since, as you’ll learn in the next section, there’s a chance to create a better app than the one that’s already in place.


Technique #3: Enhance an app already in use

Have you tried some app, and then thought “It would be so much better if this could do X”? If yes, then you’ve got the creative spark for an app that could be a great concept!

The possibilities for improvements are endless,, so even if you believed it was lacking an essential feature, it’s likely that you’re not alone to feel that way.

If the creator of the original app isn’t continually making improvements and updates to the app, there’s a chance to develop an more effective app.

One method to determine whether you’re correct on this issue is to look up the ratings and reviews for the app that was originally released.

Are there people who complain on the same subject? Do they have a complaint about something else? Does the app creator listen to feedback?

As you’ll see that listening to feedback from users and then adjusting your app based on feedback is most likely the most importantdriving driving force behind the development of an app.

The absence of an app’s creator is sentencing their app to a gradual death due to user loss.

It is the next stage to verify your idea to ensure that your idea has the chance to be successful on the App Store.


Now , we must determine if the issue the app solves has been solved in other programs.

*NOTE** If the reason you develop an application is to gain an experience using the procedure (and not fight against the othersguys) you are able to move on to the next step.

Don’t feel discouraged if discover other apps in the App Store that have already solved the same issues the way your app tackles it. Keep in mind what I said earlier: there aren’t any innovative ideas, and there’s always room for improvement.

In reality, this is beneficial because it indicates it’s feasible and that there is a demand for it. This is why competition exists!

The trick is to find out the extent to which the requirement is being fulfilled through these additional apps.

It is possible that these apps could be outdated or the author of the app may have put off making updates to them.

Perhaps none match the criteria of what the public actually needs and desires.


Browse through the reviews and ratings of any other applications you can find. Pay attention to the following:

  • App Name
  • Feature set
  • Price/monetization scheme
  • App publisher
  • Last Updated
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Downloads

It’s possible to make the following spreadsheet or matrix to track the results. What you’re researching currently will serve as the foundation for features you want to incorporate in your app, and which ones to concentrate in the beginning at first.

This is what you’re looking to find:

App Name

This is mostly to identify the app and keep track of the different apps that you’ll explore. Some apps include keywords into the app’s name, too. When you look through other apps in the market, look whether you can spot any particular keywords that keep popping up in the name of the app. You might want to think about using these keywords to describe your app’s title.

Feature Set

Note down all characteristics of each application. Write down all of the features for each competing. Take note of:

  1. What are the most important attributes that all of the rival apps share?
  2. What are the characteristics that are uniqueto every one of the rival apps? What are the distinct features that distinguish them from the other
  3. What features could be not availablefrom one of current applications?

When we go back to review the reviews, we’ll look to see if the reviewers discuss specific features they either love or dislike.


Is it a one-time cost for the application? Is it free , but monetized in a different way? It’s crucial to be aware of this is twofold:

  1. What are the opinions of users about the way the app is used to earn money? Some people dislike ads and prefer to purchase an app instead of having dealing with ads within the application.
  2. You could make money from your app in different ways. For instance, if your app is great but costly, you can look for different ways to make money from your app.

App publisher

Who created the application? Was it someone else or is it a business? (Or could it be a sole-person company?)

The goal is to know who’s in your corner. Big companies have huge budgets for marketing departments and usually have a team of individuals working on a single application. It’s difficult to be competitive head-on. It’s not that I’m saying not compete however we may need to come up with an unique angle to our application rather than fighting it out one feature after another.

If the name is an individual’s the most likely scenario is one person, which can give us a assurance when you’re thinking of going through this on your own.

If the app creator is a business name or a company name, it may be the business that the person has registered. Check out the website of the company in order to determine whether it’s just a single individual or a large corporation.

It’s common to get an answer via the contact page or the about page. If there’s a complete team listed on the about page, or if there’s an address for an office at the bottom of the page for contact, then it’s large-scale firm.

Last update

You’re trying to determine how well the application is maintained. If the author of the app hasn’t been updated in an extended period of time, there’s a possibility for you to grab the market share. If however, the author is constantly updating the app, you’ll need to keep track of this as this application will be in competition with you.

Ratings and Reviews

What are the user’s opinions about the app? If the app is being rated poorly look into the reason. Do you think it’s due to the lack of features? Does the app not work? This information will help you avoid the dangers.

On the other hand in the event that the app is highly rated then download it and test the app yourself, paying focus on the feature set as well as the user interface. It’s important to go through the reviews from users to find out the reasons why people love this app so well. This will help you decide the way you create, plan and prioritize features of your app.

No matter if the app has been not rated highly or poorly it’s important to know the information about. Read through every review and find out what users are talking about and why they’re doing it. It’s valuable user feedback that you don’t need to shell out (in terms of money, blood or sweat) to discover!

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