Introducing MySQL Shell

Introducing MySQL Shell

  • Author: Charles Bell
  • ISBN: 1484250826
  • Year: 2019
  • Pages: 502
  • Language: English
  • File size: 10.1 MB
  • File format: PDF, ePub
  • Category: MySQL

Book Description:

That’s right! You can write Python scripts and implement them within the shell interactively, or in batch mode. The level of automation accessible from Python united with batch style is particularly valuable to people practicing DevOps methods within their own database environments.

Introducing MySQL Shell covers what you Want to know about MySQL Shell. You are going to find out how to use the shell for SQL, as well as the new application programming interfaces for working with a record store and even automating your direction of MySQL servers using Python. The book contains a look at the supporting technologies and concepts such as JSON, schema-less documents, NoSQL, MySQL Replication, Group Replication, InnoDB Cluster, and more.

MySQL Shell is the customer that programmers and database administrators are waiting for. Much more powerful than the legacy customer, MySQL Shell empowers levels of automation that are useful not only for MySQL but in the wider context of your career as well. Automate your work and build skills in one of the most in-demand languages. With MySQL Shell, you can do both!

What You Will Learn

  • Use MySQL Shell with the newest features in MySQL 8
  • Discover what a Document Store is and how to manage it with MySQL Shell
  • Configure Group Replication and InnoDB Cluster from MySQL Shell
  • Understand the new MySQL Python application programming interfaces
  • Compose Python scripts for managing your information along with also the MySQL high accessibility features

Who This Book Is For

Developers and database professionals that wish to automate their job and remain on the cutting edge of what MySQL has to offer. Anyone not pleased with the restricted automation capabilities of this heritage command-line client will find much to enjoy in this book on the MySQL Shell that supports powerful automation through the Python scripting language.


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