Book Name: Learn PostgreSQL
Author: Enrico Pirozzi, Luca Ferrari
ISBN-10: 1838985288
Year: 2020
Pages: 650
Language: English
File size: 12.4 MB
File format: ePub, MOBI (with Source Code)

Learn PostgreSQL Book Description:

PostgreSQL is one of the fastest-growing open-source object-relational database management systems (DBMS) in the world. As well as being easy to use, it’s scalable and highly efficient. Within this book, you’ll research PostgreSQL 12 and 13 and learn how to construct database solutions using it. Complete with hands on classes, this guide will teach you how you can attain the right database layout required for a reliable atmosphere.

You’ll discover how to install and configure a PostgreSQL server and even manage connections and users. To build on your skills, you’ll understand how to interact with all the live audience, create database objects, and use tools to link to the live audience.

You will then get to grips with creating tables, building indicators, and designing your database schema. Later, you’ll explore the Data Manipulation Language (DML) and object-oriented programming capabilities of PostgreSQL using PL/pgSQL, before studying how to track, test, and troubleshoot your database software to guarantee high performance and reliability.

From the conclusion of the publication, you are going to be well-versed with the Postgres database and be able to establish your PostgreSQL case and use it to develop robust solutions.

Everything you will learn from Learn PostgreSQL

  • Understand how users and connections are handled by running a PostgreSQL case
  • Socialize with trade boundaries utilizing server-side programming
  • Identify bottlenecks to maintain your database effectively
  • Produce and manage extensions to incorporate new functionalities to your cluster
  • Choose the best index type for every scenario
  • Use online tools to set up a memory configuration that can accommodate most databases
  • Explore how Postgres may be Utilized in multi-instance environments to Offer high-availability, redundancy, and scalability

Who Understand PostgreSQL publication is for

Anybody seeking to develop robust data warehousing software and scale the database for high-availability and performance utilizing the most recent features of PostgreSQL will also find this book helpful. Although prior knowledge of PostgreSQL is not required, familiarity with databases is anticipated.


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to PostgreSQL 12
  2. Getting to know your cluster
  3. Managing users and connections
  4. Basic Statements
  5. Advanced Statements
  6. Window Functions
  7. Server Side Programming
  8. Triggers and Rules
  9. Partitioning
  10. Users, Roles, and Database Security
  11. Transactions, MVCC; WALs and Checkpoints
  12. Extending the database: the Extension ecosystem
  13. Indexes and Performance Optimization
  14. Logging and Auditing
  15. Backup and Restore
  16. Configuring and Monitoring
  17. Physical replication
  18. Logical Replication
  19. Useful Tools and Useful Extensions
  20. Towards PostgreSQL 13


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