Migrating Asp.net Microservices to Asp.net Core

Migrating Asp.net Microservices to Asp.net Core

  • Author: Iris Classon
  • ISBN: 1484243269
  • Year: 2019
  • Pages: 149
  • Language: English
  • File size: 4.9 MB
  • File format: PDF, ePub
  • Category: C & C++ .NET

Book Description:

Migrate your existing microservice cluster from ASP .NET to ASP .NET Core. While enhanced functionality and cross-platform support are evident, this book helps you cut through the noise to determine how, when, and to the extent migration is necessary.

Microsoft’s introduction of the .NET Center has created a lot of enthusiasm, but also a lot of confusion for programmers used to ASP programs and services. This book gives you specific steps to set out on a partial or full SaaS microservices system migration, factoring in restricted resources, time, and financing. Besides practical advice and real-world examples, many accidents will be shared, providing you with a complete 360-degree perspective of migration.

As a developer is intimately knowledgeable about the migration procedure, author Iris Classon shares prescriptive guidance on every part of the system–from code, dependencies, editors, integration, and the deployment pipeline to a distribution model. You may come away with all the information you want to plan and prepare your migration to ASP.NET Core.

What You Will Learn

  • Conduct a comprehensive, pre-migration analysis of your system
  • Know the differences between ASP .NET and ASP .NET Core
  • Plan for and implement a full or partial migration to ASP. NET Core
  • Understand the continuous integration and deployment process
  • Gain insight on tools and templates that will accelerate and ease the migration process
  • Leverage a real-world migration case, complete with real challenges
  • Migrate Certain components like logging, authentication, information accessibility, and more

Programmers that are considering or are tasked with migrating a present microservice bunch from ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core.


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