Modern Web Performance Optimization

Book Name: Modern Web Performance Optimization
Author: Shailesh Kumar Shivakumar
ISBN-10: 1484265270
Year: 2020
Pages: 461
Language: English
File size: 35 MB
File format: PDF, ePub

Book Description:

Web-based platforms have become vehicles for enterprises to realize their electronic approach and are key to positive consumer engagement. The performance of these platforms can make the difference between an effective sale plus a negative review. There exist several tools and methodologies to enhance your electronic platform’s functionality, and Modern Web Performance Optimization has came to help you through them with an expert’s guidance.

Author Shailesh Kumar Shivakumar divides the analysis of internet performance optimization down into four digestible, applicable dimensions: functionality patterns, framework and methods, process and tools, and the modern web. This multi-faceted strategy ensures a extensive optimisation of your platforms and avoids the typical pitfalls of neglecting essential measures that many often do. Shivakumar analyzes web performance ecosystem elements like investigation, analytics, metrics, key performance indicators, assessments, and monitoring, simply to name a couple. The book discusses reference architectures and applicable tools and technologies for successfully implementing a best practices–driven solution. Contemporary web frameworks such as HTML5 and PWA are also covered.

Contemporary Internet Performance Optimization places readers from any degree of experience at ease. Available templates, real-world studies, and your own performance optimization checklist make this book an engaging and interactive learning opportunity for stage owners across industries. Developers, engineers, project managers, and much more are set up for long-term success with Modern Internet Performance Optimization in their fingertips.

Everything You Will Learn

  • Examine the performance optimization round end-to-end layers
  • Utilize a comprehensive web optimization framework for electronic jobs
  • Implement proven techniques, best practices, and tools for web performance optimization

Who This Book Is For

System administrators, front-end programmers, professionals seeking to know how to maximize their internet presence.


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