.NET Performance Testing and Optimization

.NET Performance Testing and Optimization

The Complete Guide

by Paul Glavich, Chris Farrell

It is only logical that we leverage current best practises and techniques for our designs and implementations as we create the applications to satisfy present and future needs. We have access to a veritable amount of knowledge on design patterns, object-oriented analyses, low-level coding approaches, and language features in our drive to become better developers.

There are a tonne of papers, blog posts, books, and videos in the technological community that cover a variety of topics, including generics, how to use the observer pattern, LINQ to SQL approaches, CSS tips, and a whole host of other subjects. These aspects are frequently simply explained in a single post or article, allowing readers and viewers to swiftly improve their grasp of the approach or subject in question while also receiving a full presentation of the technique.

Indeed, practically anything difficult becomes much simpler to understand when divided into discrete, clearly understood parts. From the perspective of sophisticated development, it is a never-ending struggle to comprehend how all of these parts interact and what their combined impact will be. From a functional standpoint, we can easily “connect the technology dots” and make sure that an application carries out the tasks for which it was created, but from a performance one, this is more difficult. The number of moving pieces to take into consideration is enormous due to the high levels of abstraction provided by the several frameworks used today.

It’s not all good news, though, since it’s challenging to assemble all of that knowledge on demand because the knowledge of how to efficiently test and optimise the performance of your nascent application is dispersed over a distressingly large virtual region. I’ve tried to condense the information you’ll need to ensure that everything you write using.NET runs blazingly quickly in this book and to bring that expertise together for you. I sincerely hope you can use it.

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