Node.js MongoDB and AngularJS Web Development

Node.js MongoDB and AngularJS Web Development

Node.js and MongoDB are now open. This book will help you to get started with JavaScript, from the server and the services to the browser.
Client–in your web-development projects. This book covers integration and implementation of Node.js and MongoDB as well as Angular, which are some of the most innovative and exciting technologies in web development.

Who Should This Book Be Read

This book is for readers who have a basic understanding of HTML and have worked in a modern programming language. Although JavaScript is essential for this book, it will not be necessary.

Why This Book Is Essential Reading

This book will show you how to create interactive websites and web apps. It covers everything from the web server and the services on it to the browser-based interactive applications. All technologies are open-source and you’ll be able use JavaScript both for the browser-side and server-side components.

This book is designed for people who want to learn Node.js/MongoDB in order to build high-performing, scalable websites. Typical readers also want to leverage the MVC/ MVVM (Model-View-Controller/Model-View-View-Model) approach of Angular to implement well-designed and structured webpages and web applications. Node.js and MongoDB are all fully integrated web development platforms that allow you to create amazing web apps.

This Book Will Teach You

This book will help you create real-world dynamic websites and web apps. Websites are no longer static HTML pages with embedded images and formatted texts. Websites are becoming more dynamic with one page often acting as an entire website or application.

Angular technology lets you build logic into your website that communicates back to Node.js and retrieves data from MongoDB. Angular, MongoDB and Node.js allow you to create interactive, dynamic web pages. These are just some of the many things you’ll learn from this book.

  • How to create a dynamic and scalable web server using Express and Node.js
  • JavaScript: How to create server-side web services
  • How to set up a MongoDB database data store for your web apps
  • How to access and interact MongoDB using Node.js JavaScript code
  • How to create static and dynamic web routes, and how to implement server-side scripts that support them
  • How to create your own custom Angular components which extend the HTML language
  • How to create client-side services that interact with Node.js’ webserver
  • How to create dynamic browser views that allow rich user interaction
  • How to add nested elements to your webpages
  • How to implement Angular routing for managing navigation between client applications views


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