Open Workbook of Cryptology

Open Workbook of Cryptology

Open Workbook of Cryptology – A project-based introduction to crypto in Python


Cryptology is a skill that everyone requires.

The issue with crypto is that it has a reputation for being extremely challenging, enigmatic, and very simple to get wrong. While some aspects of cryptography are connected to quite modern and complex theories that are not particularly friendly to the novice, such as number theory, an old and deep branch of mathematics, complexity theory, a new(er) and subtle branch of computer science, and even quantum computation, a quite new twist on a 100 year-old version of physics that is notoriously counter-intuitive, much of the overall framework of cryptography is quite simple to understand and to grasp.

We also argue that working with cryptographic primitives directly, by implementing or using others’ implementations of fundamental cryptographic concepts, is the best direct way to gain this simple understanding of the crucial fundamentals of cryptology.

This book’s topic is just that.

This version explores basic cryptographic concepts using Python and some common Python cryptographic packages. It should be understandable to students who have a strong foundation in Python, but it might also be utilised to help more new Python users solidify their grasp of the language.

The Creative Commons License is in effect for this open book (CC BY-SA). Open Workbook of Cryptology ebook is available for free download in PDF format (1.0 MB).

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