Pro Angular 6, 3rd Edition

Pro Angular 6, 3rd Edition

Get the best out of Angular 6, the top framework for creating dynamic JavaScript apps. Learn more about the MVC pattern and its benefits.

Adam Freeman, a best-selling author, shows you how to use Angular to build your projects. He starts with the basics and builds up to the most complex and advanced features. Then he goes in-depth to provide the information you need. The chapters include how to avoid common problems.

What You Will Learn

  • Get a solid architectural understanding about the MVC Pattern
  • Angular 6 allows you to create dynamic web apps clients.
  • To create and build an Angular Project, use the ng tools
  • Angular 6 can be extended and customized
  • Check out your Angular 6 projects

What’s new in this edition

  • Revision for the changes and features in Angular 6
  • Covers @angular/cli and ng command-line tools as well as WebPack
  • Includes HttpClient to simplify asynchronous HTTP requests
  • Updates to pipes and localized texts display

Who Is This Book For

Developers who have a basic knowledge of HTML or JavaScript and want to create rich client-side apps.


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