Python Unit Test Automation

Python Unit Test Automation

You can quickly learn how to automate unit test of Python 3 code by using Python 3 automation library, such as doctest or unittest.

This book covers the most important concepts in software testing, their implementation in Python 3, and shows how to automate, organise, and execute unit test for this language. This knowledge is usually acquired by reading the source code and manuals. Also, it can be difficult to find answers in forums.

Python Unit Test automation will enable you to quickly improve your understanding of Python 3 unit test libraries through the practical application of code examples and exercises. This book is an excellent resource for software developers and testers looking to start unit test automation in Python 3 and compare it to Python 2.

This brief guide is your quick and essential guide to learning the fundamental concepts of Python software testing.

What you will learn:

  • Testing basics
  • Many Python automation libraries are available, including doctest and unittest.
  • Best practices for Python automation testing and test-driven programming
  • Examples and exercises for code

This Book is For:

Python developers, software testers and open-source enthusiasts are all welcome.

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