Responsive Web Design by Example

Responsive Web Design by Example

Create mobile-first and responsive websites that deliver the best user experience across many different devices.

Key Features

  • Rapidly design and build responsive websites using the potential of Bootstrap
  • Utilize optimization techniques for performance to make your website lighter and more responsive.
  • Learn about responsive web design and how to create mobile-ready websites easily

Book Description

Desktop-only sites aren’t good enough. In the coming years of ever-changing browsing options it is essential to understand how to create websites that are user-friendly and work flawlessly with the a myriad of resolutions and sizes today commercially available. Responsive web design is a solution to the issue of the modern development of web sites.

If you follow the step-by step instructions, tutorials and examples throughout the book you’ll be able to create engaging responsive websites as well as improve your abilities as a web designer.

Through the coverage of Responsive Grid System and Bootstrap You will be able to learn about the most robust frameworks for responsive web design.

Within this guide, you’ll learn to design a clean blog page and a gorgeous portfolio site as well as a fun social media page, and an engaging photo gallery. With each of these tasks, you’ll discover how to construct the various components of a responsive and modern website and discover the most suitable framework to meet the specifications of your project.

At the end of the book, you’ll have the practical knowledge that will allow you to create real-world websites which are innovative, professional and responsive.

What you’ll discover

  • Learn about responsive design and why it’s crucial to modern web development
  • Modify and expand flexible design frameworks
  • Develop templates that can be adapted for future projects
  • Create a semantic structure for your website using HTML5 elements
  • Find a persona for your website that is responsive using CSS3
  • Find out the best framework for the project requirements
  • Use a variety of Bootstrap features on your website

Who This Book Is For

If you’re an internet developer who is interested in designing responsive web pages for your sites This book is the one for you. A basic understanding of HTML5, CSS3, and commands, although not required is a must to help you make the most of this book.


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