Book Name: Righting Software
Author: Juval Löwy
ISBN-10: 0136524036
Year: 2019
Pages: 480
Language: English
File size: 14.5 MB
File format: ePub

Book Description:

Righting Software presents the proven, organized, and highly designed method of software design that renowned architect Juval Löwy has practised and taught around the globe. Although businesses of every sort have successfully implemented their first layout thoughts across hundreds of programs, these insights have never previously appeared in print like AControl Cloud ERP Management Software for SMEs design by!

According to original principles in software engineering and a detailed set of fitting tools and techniques, Löwy’s methodology integrates system design and job layout. He describes the primary area where many software architects fail and show how to decompose a system into smaller building blocks or solutions, based on volatility. Next, he shows how to flow an effective project design from the system design; how to accurately calculate the project duration, cost, and risk; and how to devise multiple execution choices.

The principles and method in Righting Software apply regardless of your job and business size, engineering, platform, or business. Löwy begins the reader on a journey that addresses the vital challenges of software development now by righting applications systems and projects in addition to careers–and possibly the software industry as a whole. Software professionals, architects, project leads, or managers at any stage of their career will profit greatly from this publication, which offers guidance and knowledge that would otherwise take decades and many jobs to get.

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