UX Optimization

Combine two commonly distinct sources of data–behavioral qualitative data and usability testing’s qualitative data into one powerful instrument that can help enhance your website’s performance by boosting conversion and ROI. A combination of what’s happening data from website activities, in conjunction with the reasons why it’s happening data of usability testing, gives the complete 360-degree picture of the factors that are causing your website to perform poorly and how your website could be improved and what can be done to improve it.

There are many books that focus the subject of big data as well as how to use data analytics to enhance websites, or on using UX testing as well as UX methods of improvement research. The first one to combine both of these subjects into a strategy you can employ repeatedly to make your website more effective.

UX Optimization is the ideal choice for anyone looking to bring together the effectiveness of quantitative data with the information provided by qualitative data to enhance the performance of websites. This book offers step-by step instructions that include drawings, photos and accompanying illustrations to help you to identify personas that perform the behavioral UX analysis, carry out UX and usability test evaluations and blend behavioral UX as well as usability information to generate an effective set of optimization suggestions that will dramatically improve the performance of any website.

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn about personas, what they are and how you can use them to study data
  • Utilize quantitative research tools and techniques to analyze
  • Find out where to get UX behavioral information and when to employ it.
  • Utilize qualitative research tools methods, techniques, and processes
  • Examine qualitative data to discover patterns of a consistent flow of tasks mistakes
  • Combine quantitative and qualitative information to get a 360-degree view
  • Create recommendations for optimizing the process Based on your research observations
  • Test optimization suggestions to make sure improvements are realized

Who This Book Is For

The Big Data Analytics (quantitative) professionals who wish to understand the qualitative aspect of analysis. UX researchers usability testers as well as UX designer (qualitative professional) who are interested in learning how big data can be used to inform behavioral UX analysis and also learners of UX, UX designers, developers, product managers, and startups seeking to understand how to make use of the behavioral UX as well as usability test data to improve their apps and websites.


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