What is a VPS server?

vps server

A VPS is a virtual server that is delivered by many Internet service providers. It is a hosting model that is characterized as a virtual machine using the resources of a physical server. Indeed, a physical server has the capacity to host several virtual servers.

Togglebox Windows RDP desktop Cloud VPS are perfect for those who want to run Windows desktop applications or just browse the internet. Each server has its own dedicated resources, including a static IPv4 Address, and gives you full Administrator access to the system. Remote Desktop comes ready out of the box, and supports up to two concurrent RDP connections. Windows 2012 Licenses are included with these plans at no extra cost. 

VPS is therefore a solution providing users with greater reliability and stability compared to shared hosting where they have no dedicated server space.

A VPS can be used for community sites, e-commerce stores, or corporate sites with high traffic. These are therefore users who do not need the resources offered by a dedicated server.


accommodation conceptHow VPS hosting works

A server corresponds to a computer where files and databases, necessary for the website of the host, are stored. When an Internet user wishes to access this website, his browser sends a request to the server and, through the Internet, transfers the essential files.

VPS hosting therefore offers you a virtual server that mimics a physical server.

A virtual layer is installed by the hosting provider using virtualization technology. This layer allows everyone the ability to install their own operating system and software.

In addition, the control of a VPS is total. Running it secures your website with guaranteed resources .


Benefits of a VPS

Compared to a shared hosting server, VPS is more reliable , faster and more powerful . It allows to get superuser access to the server and higher privacy by locking files and databases on the server.

Also, it is a solution that adapts easily , especially to upgrade server resources as your website develops. The latter has the advantage of not being affected by problems or traffic increases caused by other users in parallel with the server.

Thus, the VPS offers a wide range of possibilities to users for a reasonable price .


Disadvantages of a VPS

Compared to shared server hosting, VPS is more expensive and more complex to administer . Especially since to take care of the management of your server, you need more technical knowledge .

Also, if the servers have not been configured correctly, then this can lead to security risks.

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