What is Pay Per Head (SPORTSBOOK SOFTWARE)? How do you calculate it?

If you own a reputable bookie company or are looking to start your own sportsbook online and want to make a profit, a reliable Pay Per Head services will be your ideal partner. Pay per Head also known as Price Per Head, or PPH, services give bookies everything they need to run a profitable business.

We recommend only the most reliable pay per head solutions available, allowing you to choose with confidence to propel your business to the next level. Scores and Stats is proud to take a lot of satisfaction in offering safe reliable, dependable, and trusted solutions for those trying to join the business of online sportsbooks.

Each of the pph sportsbooks that we have selected is a winner because it offers excellent service, 24 hour access and a five-star software for bookies. If you own an existing bookmaking company or are creating one, all that’s left to do is select the most appropriate pay-per-head bookie service.


Pay-per-head services naturally cost per bet. The majority of services offer a flat rate of $10 per betper per week, to allow you access to all features offered by their platform. In reality, $10 per client is the average in the business, however, there are some companies that offer lower fees.

The cost of a bet can be a determinant of the number of bettors that you bring to the table , as certain pay per head options allow the negotiation of a per bet fee. Certain sportsbooks that pay per head also reduce their fees when you pay for their fees using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

If you’re looking for the top service available in the market consider the typical $10 per bet cost when selecting your service. Keep in mind that the fee provides a wide range of benefits to the online sportsbook.

AcePerHead.com has the most fully inclusive Sportsbook in the entire industry, with the sharpest up to the second lines, and all wagers are immediately graded when each sporting event is complete. We offer all major sports such as NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB, NHL, MLB, including halves, quarters, live betting, props, and futures.


One of the benefits the cost per head you pay you is customer service. A trustworthy service provide top-quality customer service to the bookie but they also do the same thing for your betting clients. The most reliable services permit customers to place bets on the internet or do it the traditional way by calling and speaking to live humans.

Excellent customer service can give your sportsbook business the extra factor that can take it up a notch. PPH systems on our list include features like live chat, email, and even a telephone. If a product is listed included on our list of top choices we can guarantee that it provides excellent customer services to bookies and their clients.


The main benefit of this kinds of services is the software which is included in your fee per bet. The top providers provide an extensive betting solution for bookmakers. The software allows gamblers to access a safe, secure system, make bets and manage their accounts any time all day seven every day of the week.

The benefit of this system is that bookmakers no longer have to be dependent on their tablets, computers and other devices that take bets. Bookmakers at sportsbooks can count on their software program that is easy to use to handle betting management while the agent is in the process of growing the business.

The software they use should provide an excellent user experience, and be easy to use. The lucky ones who make the Scores and Stats list offer per head solutions that offer the best features that a bookie needs to run a successful betting business.


The agent comes with the technology that provides the capability to generate reports and analyze data, monitor any trends, and control all operations from any location. The top prices per head permit bookies to access into the system’s back to system to modify wager limits, enable or deactivate wagering options and more.

Agents who want to operate an effective business should be looking for services that provide these features in their fees. It is also beneficial that agents don’t have paying commissions and other charges for features that will boost their business to the next stage.


Don’t be afraid with the right system. The most reliable ones will allow you to manage risk and ensure that you have clear lines. In this way, bookies reduce their risk while increasing profits which naturally will result in a profitable business.

Scores & Stats searched per head to identify ones that give bookmakers the ability to control the risk. Features such as a customizable live betting ticker that is real-time or the option of a delay timer are among the features we were looking for in the systems. The best options on the market provide the ability to alter your lines should you require it.

We looked for businesses whose mission is to make sure their clients always have the most precise lines. This, in turn aids agents in managing risks with the least effort.


If you’re like the majority of bookies, then you have an intense love for every sport. Your own sportsbook makes that you feel like you’re still playing in the same game however, remember that the sports you play are just a one aspect of what you are able to offer to punters from all over the globe.

An elite bookmaking company offers betting all over the board, from soccer basketball to horses and casinos. Bookies have the ability to run a fully-fledged sportsbook that offers bets on numerous racetracks. Customers are able to play in poker rooms that are private as well as access to casino games and many more.

The option of choosing “one of the best” lets customers select from a variety of markets. The companies we reviewed provide a wide range of sportsbook markets to their customers.


Pay per head solutions which made it onto our list provide an approach that makes it easy for a bookie to become profitable and efficient. The services handle all of the accounting tasks, making it easier to manage the budget and to make the company efficient and cost-effective.

As stated, bookies can manage their customers on an individual basis, and keep track of anything they need to improve their work. The PPH software allows them to keep track of and run the business like it’s on auto-pilot. This allows ample space for bookmakers to focus on expanding the business.


To expand oneaEUR(tm)s packages, the company must diversify its offerings and find the most affordable price per head service allows for this. The majority of the businesses on our list offer customers a live casino. There are a myriad of games available to customers, including blackjack and baccarat, as well as online slots, and many more players will always have ways to entertain themselves. A higher number of players means more money for the bookmaker.

Poker, casino and racebook functions are included in the fees charged by the companies that we have listed. There are some businesses who charge an additional fee for these features. Of course, they were not included in Scores & Stats.


What book publishers want is efficiency, which is what leads to profits. The best options on our list offer bookies to work with a variety of options. The flexibility of this includes access 24/7 to the bookieaEUR(tm)s personal website.

Additionally, it has the capability to connect to a live person should the need arise. You’ll find a contact address for every one of our cost per head services listed on our list. In the event that a bookie requires assistance The top pay per head service is always ready to help.

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