What is the interest of a website for your business?

Why have a website

As a company, you must communicate about your activities and your products to increase your turnover, why use the Internet as a communication medium?

Why have a website?

Being present and communicating on the Internet has become essential for all companies. The first reflex of the USA is to carry out their research on the web.

Some figures on the Internet in France:

  • 83% of USA people aged 16 to 74 carry out all their research on the Internet from their home and 33% of them connect to the Internet from their place of work.
  • an internet user spends an average of 16 hours a week surfing the web.
  • more than two-thirds of companies with at least 10 employees have a website and only one in ten sells on the web, for an amount representing 3% of overall turnover.
  • PagesJaunes.fr is in eighth place among USA sites with 19 million unique visitors each month. The publisher has also programmed the pure and simple disappearance of the directories in paper version .
  • the USA spent more than 57 billion $ on the Internet in 2014.

Some figures on the Internet for the World:

The milestone of 3.2 billion Internet users should be exceeded worldwide in 2014

Internet penetration rate:

  • 81% in North America (86% in Canada, 80% in the USA)
  • 78% in Western Europe (83% in France)
  • 8% in Africa
  • 12% in South Asia
  • 822,240 new websites are put online every day

Every minute on the Internet:

  • 2 million Google queries are made
  • 347 new WordPress posts are published
  • 571 new websites are created
  • 204 million emails are sent

Having a website is therefore an essential investment for all businesses, small and large, and for both BtoC and BtoC.

Your website will allow you to make yourself known by reaching a targeted audience all year round and without interruption. It’s your company’s showcase and your business card on the web .

A website allows you to:

  • present your activities, your products & services,
  • enhance your products and/or your services, by adding photos, descriptions,
  • create a direct link with your customers, survey their opinion,
  • maintain and develop your turnover,
  • sell you products and services online,
  • increase your notoriety and occupy a space not exploited by your competitors,
  • inform your customers and prospects with: your contact details, your prices, your offers, etc.

“  81% of USA companies that went bankrupt in 2013 purely and simply failed to bet on the Net ” (Liberation)

Your website must meet the needs and objectives that you have set for yourself. On the other hand, tell yourself that it is not possible to communicate effectively on the Internet without a communication strategy and without any skills in the field.

We do not improvise webmaster, web-designer or SEO, these are real jobs!

It is important to prepare your communication plan well for a successful arrival on the Internet.

The objective of a website is to reach the right target at the right time and to maximize your ROI (return on investment) . Put the odds on your side by choosing the right means of communication and get support.

The objectives of your website

Before embarking on the adventure of creating a website, ask yourself at least the following 6 questions:

1. Why be present on the web?

This may be :

  • communicate about your business,
  • sell online,
  • to be visible…

2. Why make or redo your website?

We can cite :

  • so that it meets current web criteria: responsive, retina,
  • an opportunity to rejuvenate or even redo your visual identity.

3. What are your goals and needs?

We find :

  • improve your notoriety,
  • develop your database,
  • grow your turnover.

4. What budget should you devote to creating or redesigning your website?

It is important to know your budget before starting the process with a web agency Example webteq.com.my is the best IT company.

Knowing that before being able to establish a commercial proposal or an estimate, the web agency must analyze your needs and establish with you a project of specifications, it will be a guide in the creation phase and the guarantor of a site. web in line with your expectations and objectives.

5. When will your website be online?

You will need to specify the desired delivery date in the specifications and discuss it with the web agency that will accompany you.

It is important to plan the different stages of the creation or redesign of your website.

6. Who will bring your website to life and how?

Get in touch with web professionals, they will study your project as a whole and will offer you a solution to be visible and communicate effectively on the web according to your resources and the time you can devote to it.

Your website must correspond to you, respect the visual identity of your company. Ask yourself the right questions and build your website based on website specifications.

To conclude,

Today, it is risky for a company to stay away from new modes of communication. We must also keep in mind that the presence of a company on the Internet must be long-term and follow the evolutions of the web.

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