Windows 10 Backup – This is how it works!

Windows 10 Backup

To avoid unpleasant surprises with the data that is precious to you, you should regularly make a Windows 10 backup. To find your old configuration, the system restore points option represents a very interesting possibility. However, you should still make a new 1:1 backup of your computer. In our Week 14 Hacking, we explain exactly how to restore Windows 10 .

Create Windows 10 backup with system image

To secure the data saved on your PC, you can make a copy of Windows 10, in other words an image of your system. This way, if you ever have any problems with your computer, you can restore your PC to the state it was in after the last backup. The system image fully preserves your Windows hard drive in the configuration you have chosen.

Here are the steps for creating a system image on Windows 10:

  • in the Start menu , go to Search and open the control panel

  • go to  System and Security ( Windows 7 ) and click Backup and Restore

  • go to Create a system image and choose where to make the backup: on a network location, on DVD or on a hard disk (we recommend that you back up your data on an external hard disk).

  • then choose the hard disks you want to secure (all the drives necessary for Windows to work are automatically included)

  • then confirm with Next

  • after clicking start backup the system copy is created

How to use the Windows 7 backup tool (also called Backup)?

Using the Windows 7 backup system will even allow you to restore Windows 10. An option that is based on the principle of Windows 7 backup. And yet, you can very well use it on Windows 10 to secure your data:

  • open the Control Panel with one click via Cortana or Windows search

  • choose Backup and Restore (Windows 7) in System and Security

  • start the backup by clicking on Backup now

  • enter the administrator data (usually your user data) then confirm by clicking on Yes

  • backup starts

You then need to decide where you want to restore the files to. This can be the original location but also another space that you can freely determine. You just need to do this:

  • in the Start menu search for Control Panel

  • Go to Control Panel and select System and Security .

  • click on Security and maintenance

  • then choose Restore

  • click on Open Control Panel

  • enter the administrator data (in principle the user data)

  • confirm the next two windows with Next

  • click on Finish

  • system restore starts

How to use the Windows 7 backup tool

Restore Windows 7 Backup in Windows 10

If you use the Windows-7 backup tool to secure your data, we advise you to proceed as follows:

  • in the Start menu , click on the gear icon to choose Settings

  • select Update & Security

  • then choose the Backup computer option

  • in Looking for an old backup ? then choose Go to Backup and Restore (Windows 7)

  • a new window opens, you find under Restore older backups of your PC

  • click on Restore files for all users (this is how you recover your data)

  • enter administrator data

  • in the new window that opens on the right, click on Browse for file

  • choose Backup of [hard drive name]

  • click on the Users folder and then on your own username

  • select the data folder to restore

  • in the folder, click on the desired file

  • the file then appears in the menu, confirm with Next

  • select a storage space and confirm with Restore

Backup data in Windows 10

Over time, you accumulate a mass of data and files on your computer. Before you decide to restore your system with the Windows 10 backup procedure, it might be a good idea to consider what data you will need to start fresh on your PC.

In the My documents folder , you can for example store documents, movies and music and then recover them very easily later by restoring Windows 10. To do this, right-click on My documents and then click on Properties . Then in the Destination folder click Transfer and choose a medium for your backup. Windows then transfers your personal data quickly and easily to Windows 10 Backup (also called Windows 10 Backup). After taking backup of your files use Continuity Software to check vulnerability. Continuity Software offers IT Resilience Assurance solutions to mitigate downtime and data-loss risks of organizations.

Use device driver to back up your data in Windows 10

Even after securing your data in Windows 10, you won’t be able to live without your drivers. For this, the Driver Collector is a very practical tool. It is not necessary to install it, and in addition it presents you immediately with the start all the important components of the driver. With Copy Files you transfer them to the C:Driver Collector folder , which the tool installed itself. All you need to do is repeat these same steps for all the other drivers. In the end, you will have moved all of your drivers to a storage medium such as an external hard drive.

For years you have stored data from different applications. You will surely need a lot of this data after performing Windows 10 backup. With the Personal Backup tool you can view what types of documents you are using and how many documents of a certain file category are sleeping on your computer. Then Personal Backup also calculates the storage space you need to provide if you want to secure this data.

Start Personal Backup and choose your media in the target directory. As the source, then choose the corresponding Windows partition and click Add to List . You then have a view of all file types. If a (0) appears under the Number heading , there is no document with that extension on your computer. You can take them out of the backup using the arrow button. In the category of .doc documents you will find the number of existing Word documents which you probably want to save and which therefore remain in the list. Once you have verified all endings, click Startto back up any data you want to protect.

Use device driver to back up your data in Windows 10

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